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85. Why Some People Don't Get It About Free Will

In this episode of Exploring the Illusion of Free Will, recorded on August 10, 2012, co-hosts George Ortega and Enel explore how ostensibly intelligent and educated individuals, and major societal institutions, fail to grasp the quite elementary conclusion that causality completely and unequivocally makes free will impossible.

Over several centuries the debate over whether or not we humans have a free will languished in academia. In 2010, George Ortega decided it was time to move this very important issue to the public arena in a big way. For a complete description of how Ortega spearheaded the huge buzz about free will that ultimately led to an explosion in mainstream media and Internet coverage on the topic, including cover stories by New Scientist and Scientific American Mind magazines, please see the chronological article of his 1997-2012 efforts to popularize the refutation of free will, âHistory of How Refuting Free Will Went From Academia to the Public Spotlightâ at, that includes over three dozen hyper-linked mainstream press articles on the topic between 2004 and 2012 on the topic.

For over 100 episodes from the world's first and only ongoing initiative exclusively dedicated to exposing the illusion of free will, please visit Ortega's site at Our initiative includes two television programs - a weekly television series cablecast to White Plains, New York, Manhattan, NYC, and the select Westchester, County, New York communities of Ardsley, Byram Hills, Greenburgh, Hartsdale, Irvington, Mamaroneck, Mount Pleasant, North Castle, Scarsdale, and Tarrytown, and a live call-in TV series in Manhattan, NYC.

This episode is in the public domain. Please feel free to download it to your computer, share it online, and earn money from republishing on the Internet and off-line venues.


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